What is Everlasting Abyss?

2125. The Earth has been taken over by an alien virus for the past 15 years that transformed and mutated humans and animals into monsters. The world has gone to hell. In the meantime, 4 mutant turtle clones are trying to find their place and their identity in this new everlasting abyss.

“Everlasting Abyss” is the title I use for my fanfic/art project around the Dark Turtles, who are the evil clones of the TMNT from the TMNT; Fast Forward cartoon.

This all takes place after the Turtles have left the future to go back to their own time and is about what the Dark Turtles would do now.
Cause they were made with the sole purpose to destroy the Turtles, but what if the Turtles are no longer there? And since they’re the Turtles’ clones, are they even their own person? Or are they just plain copies? Tools? Are they even allowed to be in control of their own lives?

And then the world became a real hell thanks to an alien virus, where the Dark Turtles have to fight to survive, and all while each goes through their own existential identity crisis.