Mei Pieh Chi Reference Sheet

2125. The Earth has been taken over by an alien virus for the past 15 years that transformed and mutated humans and animals into monsters. The world has gone to hell. In the meantime, 4 mutant turtle clones are trying to find their place and their identity in this new everlasting abyss.

Mei is a reptoid alien from a race that is one of the biggest spiritual leaders of the universe and Mei is one of the high priestesses. They live on a planet that’s all water and wind and they have certain powers that they use to cleanse the soul, spirit, and mind (think the healing techniques as used in Avatar).
Mei is sent to Earth to help fight against the alien virus and cure the infected.

Mei is your typical girl that had a very sheltered life and is just suddenly dumped into the cruelty of the outer world. She has the equally typical attitude to make the world a better place and do some good, but that gets quickly crushed when send to Earth. But Mei tries to keep her hopes up to save the Earth.
Good thing there’s a big blue turtle who can help her.