Who is Black Lotus?

Black Lotus is one of my oldest fan OCs and my TMNT fan OC.
I made her when I became a big fan of the TMNT thanks to the 2003 series. She’s a Carnakai, a reptoid alien, that’s considered the “cockroach” of the universe. They’re bloodthirsty and carnivorous creatures that are very hard to kill due to their hard leathery skin. They can see heat, scent, and sound. But they have gone almost extinct.

Lotus is one of the last ones and works as a mercenary. She’s hired by the Triceratons to kill the Turtles. But when on Earth, she’s beaten by Mikey (by luck from his side) and thus starts their relationship and Lotus ends up on the Turtles’ side and becomes Mikey’s girlfriend.

RotTMNT version
I found it more fitting for the RotTMNT universe that Lotus is a fellow mutant. She’s made by Baron Draxum from various carnivorous reptiles/animals, to be a great warrior, but ended up on the shelf, because Lotus gets into blinding rage modes. She was meant to be dealt with later. Whether it was to fix her or to just end her.
One day, she manages to escape and roams around New York when she bumps into the Turtles. And once again, Mikey is the one who beats her by accident. Mikey feels sorry for Lotus, cause she was just dumped aside as a broken toy, and he ends up befriending her. And of course, Mikey’s the one who manages to get Lotus out of her rage modes.